How to Use Discount / Coupon Code

How to enter Discount / coupon code, check the effective price after discount and make purchase?

Please note that the coupon code is to be entered even before the email login page. It is to be done on the small sqaure white page that pops up just after you click "buy now" for a product. Please follow the following steps to enter coupon code.In case you are unable to follow the steps, call us on our customer services no.9396898390 and we will help you.

  • Select the product of your choice
  • Click buy now
  • Your cart window will pop up ( a small sqare white page will pop up which has the product name, quantity and price)
  • Enter coupon code on the bottom left corner of this popup window where it says "have a coupon code, click there - click on it and enter the coupon code, click apply and check the effective price of the product of your choice
  • After entering coupon code, click place order and checkout and continue with your purchase